Nigeria has many natural beauties that can be admired, but by far one of its most impressive features is its waterfalls. Check out some of the most beautiful ones and get ready for an unforgettable trip to Nigeria. The first one is Matsirga Waterfalls which was born from a spring in Kagoro hills and makes its way through the rocky hills. It goes down from about 25m and it forms a giant pool at the bottom; it is situated in a gorgeous area, with luxuriant vegetation, fresh vegetation and a chilly breeze and will definitely help tourists appreciate their time spent there.

Secondly, the FarinRuwa waterfall is just as beautiful as the first one. It was discovered in the 1950s and since then, it managed to attract hundreds of visitors. This unique cascade could easily compete with the famous Niagara Falls or the Victoria Falls in Zambia. Its spectacular beauty just takes your breath away. It is incredible how nature can do such wonderful things. The water falls from 150 m high and the effect is truly unique.

On third place we have the Gurara Falls formed from the river with the same name. It is situated at the border between Minna and Suleja and it’s extremely beautiful, especially during the rainy season. It basically consists of two separate streams of falls that are in sink when it rains. It is a wonderful place, and also a great venue for bird-watching fans.

Finally, the Awhum waterfall is our last option. These falls were formed as a result of a huge granite outcrop that allowed the water to form a stream. It is 30 m high and it is found in the proximity of the Awhum monastery. What is more, the water here is warm during certain periods of the year and it is believed to have curative and healing powers.