National Parks are special natural ecosystems with unique attributes. Parks play unquantifiable roles vital to natural/regional well being as well as catalyst for the development of ecosystem. National Parks also enhance ecological processes and life support system such as soil regeneration, protection of nutrient cycles, wildlife breeding, cleansing and purifying hydrological cycles. There are many game reserves in Nigeria but have eight major National Parks. These are:

  • Yankari National Park, Bauchi State - ‘A Naturally Beautiful, Peaceful World’ Gashaka
  • Gumti National Park, Adamawa/Taraba State - ‘The Largest and Most Diverse Conservation Enclave In Nigeria’
  • Okomu National Park, Edo State - ‘The Pride of Our Natural Heritage’ Cross River National Park, Cross River State-‘The Pride of Nigeria’
  • Old Oyo National Park, Oyo State - ‘Blending Our Glorious Past with Nature’
  • Kainji Lake National Park, Niger/KwaraState - ‘The Premier National Park’
  • Kamuku National Park, Kaduna State - ‘A Place to View Wild Animals’
  • Chad Basin National Park, Yobe/Borno States - ‘Haven of Various Species of Pale Arctic’