Nigeria is a superb African country, which features countless wonderful attractions and various tourist destinations that would make your vacation unforgettable. Also, it has become more popular lately. People can arrive here by plane, on the international airport in Abuja and they have available different means of transportation to the most beautiful venues in the country.

Furthermore, Nigeria is not only a unique place through its lasting cultural traditions and customs, but to several other features such as cultural diversity, geographical assortment and fascinating history. This superb country has large, glorious rainforests, white sandy beaches, tall mountains, deserts and rivers that blend perfectly in harmony, creating an inviting environment that would make an impression on any visitor. The inhabitants put great emphasis on the natural beauty as well as on the cultural monuments which perfectly complete the overall picture. In the end, they all blend together with the fascinating stories and legends of each corner of the country.

In addition, the most outstanding monuments in Nigeria are the ancient Ife city, the Osun-Osogbo sacred forest, near the Oshun River - which is one of the strongest fortifications on the globe, and the Old City of Kano. Likewise, the Olumoave shelters are also extremely interesting, as well as the sacred Ogbunike Caves, the Old Oyo city, the ruins of Hindi’s palace as well as the inimitable architectural structures of Jos and several other monuments that tell real stories through their structure. They would make a real great setting for a movie or a book.

The natural diversity of Nigeria is just as impressive. For instance, in its capital, Abuja you should visit the greatest monolith in the world, the Zuma rock, which has no less than 725 meters high. The waterfalls Gurara Falls, Owu Falls and Qua Falls are also extremely beautiful. Nigeria has various warm springs which you might want to explore as well.