If you are looking or a genuine honeymoon destination you should consider Lagos, Nigeria. It is an extraordinary city that has it all: white, secluded beaches, high hills and paradisiac forests. You will surely find here all the facilities you need to spend a unique vacation and create unforgettable memories with your partner.

By far one of the most appreciated features in Lagos, are its lovely beaches. After all, what could be more romantic that strolling along the shore with your soul mate? You can begin a fantastic day at the Coconut Beach, a place greatly appreciated by the locals for its yellow, shiny sand, crystal clear, blue water and splendid views. One the other hand, those who seek for a small dose of adrenaline should consider a hiking trip on the Shere hill. This is a fascinating, rocky hill, situated at about 1829 meters above the sea. It is a terrific opportunity to explore the area and you will get a great sense of adventure while climbing it.

In addition, there is something available for those who love the wild life too. The capital of Nigeria puts at their disposal various, stunning national parks and reserves. The most popular one is Yankari National Park, placed along the sparkling Gagi River. It has superb views and an amazing wildlife that you will surely enjoy. While there, look out for hippopotami, elephants and crocodiles, they are everywhere.

Finally, visiting the Owu Falls waterfalls will surely complete you honeymoon. It is situated at a few miles away from Lagos and it one of the most appreciated tourist attraction in the region. The Owu Falls are both an exciting and a romantic place that will enchant you. Apart from these, Lagos has many more things to offer. It is a stunning city, which features so many beautiful attractions. It is surely a paradise for happy honeymooners.