Africa is filled with wonderful attractions, and one of the best places to enjoy its beauty is Nigeria. It is the 14th largest country in Africa and has hundreds of magnificent places that cannot wait to be discovered.

Nigeria has already being known as a splendid country, and although it is a little difficult to get there, it will definitively be worth the effort. It has various splendid beaches, and exotic places, ideal for swimmers and water sport fanatics. Likewise, the costumes, traditions and cuisine of the area are truly amazing as well. All these are best evidenced in the festivals and handicrafts events organized in Nigeria. There you can see the true spirit of this beautiful country.

Nevertheless, although the locals are very friendly with the tourists and the general atmosphere is extremely welcoming, there aren’t as many tourist facilities as there should be. Various improvements on different levels are still necessary in Nigeria in order to promote the beauty of this country. The current administration has made efforts to improve these aspects, but there is still much to be done to really advertise its touristic potential.

Still, its gorgeousness is appreciated anyhow. For instance, the fact that Nigeria is a true safari destination appeals to many people who are interested in a true wildlife experience. All those who want to go hiking in the safari, see wild animals and travel in jeeps through the trails, know that this is the place to go.

It’s certainly obvious that tourism is promoted in Nigeria and the progress is visible when we analyze the number of vacationers that want to come here annually. There have been installed several reception centers, tourist lodges and soon there will be added a cable bus. This last one will enable visitors to admire the Obudu, Mambilla and Kanyang mountains. Likewise, in 2012 there are available a lot of hotels, sports facilities, shopping areas, amusement parks and many other entertainment facilities meant to keep visitors entertained.