Nigerian cuisine is really special and is actually a combination of dishes and food items with influences from all over the African continent. There are used all sort of spices that give flavor to the food, different herbs, palm oil and groundnut oil which are mainly used to give an extra savor to the sauces while soups are always combined with hot peppers. Likewise, most of their dishes have a very vivid coloristic, are extremely aromatic and made of various ingredients that you have never thought of combining. Anyhow, the result is spectacular are it is compulsory to try out their local dishes as you will not be disappointed.

What is more, they have many receipts based on rice. For instance, a common meal is Jollof, a type of food made rice, tomato paste, tomatoes, salt, onions, red pepper, various other spices, vegetables and meat. It is a very complex meal, usually spicy. Also, we have Pate, a specific Nigerian dish made of dry corn and archa or rice. It is generally combined with spinach, pepper, onions, beans and meats minces. It is mostly served in the Northern part of the country.

In addition, soups and stews are highly appreciated dishes too. For example, Banga soup is made from palm nuts and has a fine savor that many Nigerians enjoy. Pepper soul is also delicious. It consists of a mix of fish or meat with spices or herbs. Nigerians enjoy sweets as well. Chin chin is a tasty sweet cookie made from eggs and wheat flour and has various shapes. Puff Puff is the traditional doughnut and Akara resembles the Latin dish acaraje, being made from dough and black beans.

Finally, the perfect drinks to serve along with a traditional dish, are the traditional beverages. Try out the roselle drink, the palm wine or the Kunu drink, made from maize, millet of sorghum. They are all interesting and will go perfectly with your meal.