Owerri is a town situated in the Southeastern part of Nigeria, right in the heart of Igboland and is the capital of Imo State. It is home to approximately 400,000 people and measures 40 square miles. In the East, Owerri in bordered by the splendid Otamiri River, and in the south by the Nworie River. Also, you can arrive very easily here by plane, on Sam Mbakwe Airport or by car, on the Douglas and Weathral Road.

The fact that tourists have so easy access to Owerri is good news, because the town is a wonderful place, with many things that are worth being visited. For example, Oguta Lake is by far one of the best places in Nigeria, as well as the largest in the Imo State. It is a natural lake which was formed in a depression and has a huge cultural and spiritual value to people of Awo, Oguta, Nkwesi and Orsu. During the civil war, the lake was used as a marine base, and it also served as an evacuation port for the United African Company. Today, it is none of these things. It is only a beautiful place to go on a cruise, of play golf on the course near the lake.

Moreover, to continue your holiday visiting tour, you can have some fun and check out the Owerri Amusement Park. Nigerians really know how to have fun, especially when it comes to spending quality time with their family. This is a great place to make everlasting memories with you children and friends. Next, you can make a stop at the Nekede Zoo. This is located at the old Nekede in Owerri and is a complex, fully-equipped garden. Visitors can admire here different types of animals, from Ostrich, Lions and Monkeys to Pythons, Guerrillas and Crocodiles. Birds do not miss from the picture either.

Finally, end you day with a little more culture at the Mbari Cultural & Art Centre. It is situated right in the town’s center and is an open-air museum that houses superb arts monuments that you will surely love.