Nigeria is a country that has many things to offer and its stunning beach resorts are some of the best entertainment places you cannot miss out on. The white sand, the sparkling waters and the tall palm trees, create and exceptional environment that most people would simply love.

For instance, one of the best beach resorts which would make a perfect vacation is the Coconut Beach. It is a true historical and cultural heritage with beauties that you probably won’t see anywhere else. It is located in Bagdary town and used to be a slave trade center. However, today it is an excellent resort with fascinating coasts and great services that will make you feel perfect. Moving on, the Akodo Beach Resort is a place just as beautiful. It is ideal both for those who love lying down in the sun as well as for those who love physical activities such as trekking, hiking and canoe riding. Also, it has an extremely modern beach, fully-equipped with all sorts of facilities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. From amusement parks, to beach chalets and quality services, it has it all!

Next, you are invited to check out the Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. It is a lively, friendly atmosphere which will make anyone feel welcome and have a great time. It is situated in Lagos, near the Port Harcourt and offers stunning, sandy beaches, various wildlife parks and African music beats that will keep you dancing day and night.

Finally, there is Kuramo Waters, one of the hottest and most recent beach resorts in Nigeria. It is close to Lagos and it is mostly appreciated for its wonderful shores and various relaxation venues. It has chic seaside bars, fun relaxation outlets, barbecue joints and soup kitchens. Not to mention that here you will be able to take part in all sorts of musical shows, beach parties, and jamborees. It is a fun, fresh and young place, perfect for an unforgettable holiday.