Nigeria has many beautiful things to offer, but by far one of its most interesting attractions is the Yankari National Park. It is situated at 225 km distance of Jos and is a splendid location that you must visit while in Nigeria. It is a great venue to observe wildlife, take interesting pictures and have a great time. The park hosts a high number of buffalos, bushbucks, waterbucks and baboons that can be admired by the visitors. Still, the main attraction is the elephants. These are beautiful and friendly creatures that you will get to love immediately. The Yankari Park currently hosts a population of 500 elephants. Likewise, people can spot lions, although their number is decreasing. This is an excellent venue for bird-watching as well.

What is more, the best time to see animals and enjoy the beauty of Yankari is from the end of December until late April, before the rain season starts. In this period, most of the animals will be found in the proximity of Gaji River, and you will be able to see more species than during the rest of the year. Also, it is advisable to take a travel guide with you. He will show you around and take you to the nicest parts of the park.

In addition, apart from the wildlife, Yankari has other attractions too. For instance, the Wikki Warm Spring is placed just near the park’s camp site. It is a splendid location to spend a lovely afternoon admiring the crystal-clear water, which has a constant temperature of 31°C. The warm spring measures 10m wide and 200m in length. The best part is that swimming is allowed, so do not forget to bring your swimming suit!

Finally, you can accommodate at the Wikki Warm Springs Hotel, in the area. This is situated just above the spring, thus you will have terrific views all over the surrounding area. The rooms are nice and there are available a bar and a restaurant. You can arrive at the Yankari National Park with a minibus from Bauhi.