Nigeria is already known for its terrific wildlife parks. Out of hundreds of parks, which ones are truly worth visiting? Here are few of the best Nigerian wildlife parks that you ought to check out.

Kamuku National Park

To begin with, a very popular national park in Nigeria is Kamuku National Park that spreads on 1121 square km and features the typical savanna vegetation specific to the area. Onsite, you will be able to see all sorts of animals as well, such as antelopes, elephants, waterbucks, green monkeys, wet cats, jackals and hyenas. Also, it is very accessible, it has mainly flat terrains and it features Guinea Savanna vegetation with Sudan Savanna elements in some parts.

Old Oyo National Park

Another great wildlife spot you cannot miss out is the Old Oyo National Park that got its name from the former political capital the ancient Oyo Empire. This national wildlife park spreads both on the territory of the Oyo State and the Kwara State. It was formed through the combination of two forest reserves, the Oyo-Ile and the Upper Ogun, thus it features a spectacular ecosystem.

Cross River National Parks

Moreover, the Cross River National Parks is another fine destination, for all those who desire to admire the Nigerian wildlife. It is part of the great Cross River State rainforest conservation area and it is spread on 720 square km of mountains and hills. The park consists of two sections, each one presenting few specific vegetation features, and each one being spectacular in its own original way.

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Finally, we have the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a wildlife park administrated by the Cross Rover State Forestry Commission and has many things to offer. Visitors will be able to admire rare species of chimpanzees, drill monkeys and gorillas that cannot be found anywhere else.

According to where you are accommodated in Nigeria, choose the wildlife park you want to visit. They all have something unique and beautiful to offer, and are really worth visiting.