Nigeria - The Giant and Heart of Africa

Beautiful Landscape and Waterfalls

Traveling to Benin City

Benin is the capital of Edo State, located in the South of Nigeria and is a wonderful city to explore. It is placed at about 25 miles from the Benin River and 200 miles from Lagos. Thus, it has a very convenient position. It plays an essential role in Nigeria’s rubber and palm nuts industries, two traditional practices.


Apart from this, while in Benin you must visit at least some of its beautiful attractions. For instance, the Tata Sombas should be on your list. The Somba is a small group of people who have not been touched by modernity yet. They live in unique houses named Tatas. These are made from mud and bricks and are constructed by the Sombas. They are a fascinating tribe with incredible customs, and it is really worth visiting. For example, in their families the father has to sleep on the ground in a distinct room. To find out more, check out this place.


Moreover, you should visit Abomey, the City of the Kings. It is a fascinating place, as well as the nearby Allada, the former home of Dahomey. Dahomey comes from French and means “in the belly of Dan”, with reference to a strong god, Dan, which is more powerful than all the other gods. The legends and traditions of the area are simply fascinating. There you must see the Palace of the Kings complex, which is the main tourist attraction.


In addition, do not miss visiting Ganvie, the city on the lake. It is a part of Benin, where 25,000 people live day by day. Their homes are built on the Lake Nakoue, and they’re raised above the water on stilts. Most people have lived their whole life this way and although it may seem intriguing for an outsider, it’s a perfectly usual thing for them. The town dates back to the slave trade and it will certainly dazzle its visitors.

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