Nigeria is an African country with the largest population on the African continent, around 149 million residents. It is a stunning place that has so many things to offer for its worldwide tourists. The capital of Nigeria is Abuja and it’s also one of its most impressive cities. Travelers will need a passport to be allowed to visit Nigeria, and as soon as they step foot on the territory they will certainly be amazed by its attractions.

Moreover, Nigeria is one of the most powerful African countries from an economic and political point of view. Likewise, it has produced music and literature operas known all over the world. For these things and its immense beauty, it is a lovely place to visit, despite its problems. It is one of the best vacation destinations in Africa, featuring some of the most exuberant cities, such as Lagos, the port city Calabar, and the exotic Cameroon. Nigeria presents various ancient kingdoms as well, famous for their unique structure and special customs that gave birth to so many interesting legends. Also, while visiting this splendid country don’t miss the Yankari National Park and Kano, the oldest city in West Africa.

Nevertheless, before getting to enjoy all these beauties, you will have to follow certain steps in order to be allowed to enter Nigeria. Firstly, you will have to gather your passport, two passport size photos, a hotel reservation and of course, a visa that will be submitted online on the Nigerian Immigration Service website. Then, you will have to make a certain payment required by the Immigration Service. In the end, you will have to mail all these documents to the Embassy of Nigeria and pay another series of fees. After you are approved to enter the country, you are good to go.

The easiest way to arrive in Nigeria is by plane, on one of its international airports. It can be a long and tiresome process and a lot of paperwork involved, but this wonderful country will certainly be worth the effort.