Nigeria has many beautiful things to offer, but by far one of its most interesting attractions is the Yankari National Park. It is situated at 225 km distance of Jos and is a splendid location that you must visit while in Nigeria. It is a great venue to observe wildlife, take interesting pictures and have a great time. The park hosts a high number of buffalos, bushbucks, waterbucks and baboons that can be admired by the visitors. Still, the main attraction is the elephants. These are beautiful and friendly creatures that you will get to love immediately. The Yankari Park currently hosts a population of 500 elephants. Likewise, people can spot lions, although their number is decreasing. This is an excellent venue for bird-watching as well.

What is more, the best time to see animals and enjoy the beauty of Yankari is from the end of December until late April, before the rain season starts. In this period, most of the animals will be found in the proximity of Gaji River, and you will be able to see more species than during the rest of the year. Also, it is advisable to take a travel guide with you. He will show you around and take you to the nicest parts of the park.

In addition, apart from the wildlife, Yankari has other attractions too. For instance, the Wikki Warm Spring is placed just near the park’s camp site. It is a splendid location to spend a lovely afternoon admiring the crystal-clear water, which has a constant temperature of 31°C. The warm spring measures 10m wide and 200m in length. The best part is that swimming is allowed, so do not forget to bring your swimming suit!

Finally, you can accommodate at the Wikki Warm Springs Hotel, in the area. This is situated just above the spring, thus you will have terrific views all over the surrounding area. The rooms are nice and there are available a bar and a restaurant. You can arrive at the Yankari National Park with a minibus from Bauhi.

Nigeria is located in the Western part of Africa and is one of the most influential countries on the continent. It is an African political and economic power with a fast development, constantly improving itself. Also, it has many wonderful things to offer. Tourists are attracted here by the natural beauty of the place, as well as by its history and culture, which make Nigeria a truly unique location. And it has nice cities too. Below you are presented the top three best cities in Nigeria.

The first one is Calabar. It has a history that dates back from the 15th and 26th centuries. Likewise, it has a vivid social life and a rich culture that would appeal to any visitor. In Calabar you can admire some of the most beautiful architectural structures in Nigeria. Still, it has many modern facilities and is a very hospitable allure.

Second on our list is Benin. It is situated in the South of Nigeria and is one of the largest cities in the country. Benin is mostly famous for its sea-ports and delicious dishes. The old part of the city was founded in the 10th century and used to be the capital on the Kingdom of Benin. Also, it served as a center of trade, art, commerce and was extremely flourishing until the 17th century. While there, you must visit the Oba’s Palace and the Benin City National Museum.

Last but not least, we have Enugu. It was the capital of the Republic of Biafra and when the Nigerian Civil War from 1970 ended, it became the capital of Anambra State. Things have changed politically since, but it still remained an amazing city with a very intricate history. Most residents of Enugu belong to the Igbo tribe. The city is also known as the “Coal City’.

Nigeria has developed greatly over the past few years, especially from a touristic point of view. At this point, it doesn’t just offer beautiful attractions, but also high class accommodation facilities and excellent hotels meant to transform your holiday into an unforgettable experience. Check out some the best resorts in Nigeria and get ready for an unforgettable vacation.

La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

The first one is La Manga Luxury Beach Villas, a paradisiacal accommodation near the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated nearby Lagos and is a secluded spot, with magnificent surroundings that will surely appeal to you. The resort is surrounded by coconut trees, it has terrific beaches and the views are truly unique. The accommodation is made of small chic villas, tastefully designed and decorated with private balconies and large windows. Also, tourists have available all sort of amenities, from rooftop Jacuzzi to massage room and beachfront living room.

Whispering Palms

On second place we have Whispering Palms, a modern resort center that spreads on eight miles and combines perfectly the Atlantic breeze, tall palm trees, silica sands and chirping birds. It is an exotic beach with colorful umbrellas and stunning views that will make you never want to leave. It has various mini gardens, beach huts, public Nigerian artworks and lots of activities available for guests.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Third place goes to Obudu Mountain Resort where you will have a wonderful time. It is situated in the highlands of Cross River State at a high altitude. There has been recently installed a cable car, for you to arrive easier. It is a change from the usual resort near the beach but it is just as beautiful. Here is held annually the Obudu Mountain Race, which gathers hundreds of people.


Finally, you will have a wonderful stay at Tinapa! It is place near the Calabar River and is a special business resort. It was aimed to integrate business with pleasure in a unique Nigerian resort, and it managed to do it flawlessly. It has everything from entertainment venues, relaxation spots, business facilities and good restaurants.

Nigeria is already known for its terrific wildlife parks. Out of hundreds of parks, which ones are truly worth visiting? Here are few of the best Nigerian wildlife parks that you ought to check out.

Kamuku National Park

To begin with, a very popular national park in Nigeria is Kamuku National Park that spreads on 1121 square km and features the typical savanna vegetation specific to the area. Onsite, you will be able to see all sorts of animals as well, such as antelopes, elephants, waterbucks, green monkeys, wet cats, jackals and hyenas. Also, it is very accessible, it has mainly flat terrains and it features Guinea Savanna vegetation with Sudan Savanna elements in some parts.

Old Oyo National Park

Another great wildlife spot you cannot miss out is the Old Oyo National Park that got its name from the former political capital the ancient Oyo Empire. This national wildlife park spreads both on the territory of the Oyo State and the Kwara State. It was formed through the combination of two forest reserves, the Oyo-Ile and the Upper Ogun, thus it features a spectacular ecosystem.

Cross River National Parks

Moreover, the Cross River National Parks is another fine destination, for all those who desire to admire the Nigerian wildlife. It is part of the great Cross River State rainforest conservation area and it is spread on 720 square km of mountains and hills. The park consists of two sections, each one presenting few specific vegetation features, and each one being spectacular in its own original way.

Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Finally, we have the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a wildlife park administrated by the Cross Rover State Forestry Commission and has many things to offer. Visitors will be able to admire rare species of chimpanzees, drill monkeys and gorillas that cannot be found anywhere else.

According to where you are accommodated in Nigeria, choose the wildlife park you want to visit. They all have something unique and beautiful to offer, and are really worth visiting.