Benin is the capital of Edo State, located in the South of Nigeria and is a wonderful city to explore. It is placed at about 25 miles from the Benin River and 200 miles from Lagos. Thus, it has a very convenient position. It plays an essential role in Nigeria’s rubber and palm nuts industries, two traditional practices.

Apart from this, while in Benin you must visit at least some of its beautiful attractions. For instance, the Tata Sombas should be on your list. The Somba is a small group of people who have not been touched by modernity yet. They live in unique houses named Tatas. These are made from mud and bricks and are constructed by the Sombas. They are a fascinating tribe with incredible customs, and it is really worth visiting. For example, in their families the father has to sleep on the ground in a distinct room. To find out more, check out this place.

Moreover, you should visit Abomey, the City of the Kings. It is a fascinating place, as well as the nearby Allada, the former home of Dahomey. Dahomey comes from French and means “in the belly of Dan”, with reference to a strong god, Dan, which is more powerful than all the other gods. The legends and traditions of the area are simply fascinating. There you must see the Palace of the Kings complex, which is the main tourist attraction.

In addition, do not miss visiting Ganvie, the city on the lake. It is a part of Benin, where 25,000 people live day by day. Their homes are built on the Lake Nakoue, and they’re raised above the water on stilts. Most people have lived their whole life this way and although it may seem intriguing for an outsider, it’s a perfectly usual thing for them. The town dates back to the slave trade and it will certainly dazzle its visitors.

Jos is a specific Nigerian city established in 1915, with an intricate history, a prosperous industry and fabulous sightings that make it a great place for a unique holiday. It is home to about one million people and it is one of the most vivid and colorful cities in Nigeria. Jos is also known as the “home of peace”, being one of the safes cities in the country.

What is more, Jos is characterized through impressive ridges and high rocky hills as well as various others interesting geographical formations that make it a great spot for picnic, barbeques, trekking and hiking trips. Another remarkable feature it presents is its small hamlets and villages that add color to the whole picture. Locals are extremely friendly which will allow tourists to feel extremely welcomed here.

In addition, you have lots of things to visit in Jos. For example, the Wase Rock is a fascinating, abrupt plain that rises at 250 m above the Wase town. It is a spectacular geographical feature which stands out in the typical savanna landscape. It is the ideal place for avid climbers. Likewise, those who seek some relaxation can go to the Rayfield Holiday Resort situated at 4 km away from Jos. It is placed in a wonderful environment that offers tourists countless facilities and entertainment opportunities such as fishing, horse riding, swimming, boating, sun bathing as well as various indoor games. It is the best place for an isolated getaway.

Moreover, you definitively have to visit the Kurra Falls. They are a result of the mining activities that used to be developed in the area and provide magnificent landscapes. And just as beautiful are the views at Kurang Volcanic Mountain. Here you will be able to admire the popular spring waters and many other natural beauties. Finally, end your day having fun at the Solomon Lar Amusement Park. It features many entertainment facilities, movies and recreation options that you can benefit from along with your family and friends.

Akure is a city located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria and is the current capital of Ondo State. It has a population of about 400,000 people, mainly members of the ethnic Yoruba tribe. The city used to be a small, but independent kingdom, named Yoruba, which was conquered by Benin in the 19th century. Then, the Great Britain gained control over the entire area. It is said to have been founded by a descendant child of Oduduwa, who is the progenitor of the Yoruba people.

Furthermore, now Akure is a relatively modern town, with various facilities that will make your stay extremely comfortable. Not to mention that there are lots of things you can visit and find out more about the local culture, customs and traditions. You can begin your trip at the Deji of Akure Palace, which is one of the most spectacular constructions in the area. The palace is an excellent opportunity for visitors to find out more about this country’s traditions in a pleasurable manner and admire many historical monuments.

In addition, if you are lucky, you may be able to take part at the local Egungun Festival. This is a very popular event among the Yoruba people and is basically held in the memory of this tribe’s ancestors. It involves a lot of fun and is held in several cities and villages. It is a lively, colorful festival and you will surely have a great time. Next, you can continue your trip at the Ebomi Lake. It is at about 115 km away from Akure, but it is worth spending all that time on the road, because the lake is absolutely splendid. Likewise, it has a fascinating history and wonderful sightings that you will never forget.

Last but not least, visit the Igbokoda Waterfront. It is one of the biggest territorial waters in the country, having about 142 km lengths and is a true hot spot for tourists. It is also a great fishing place and an ideal picnic venue for vacationers looking for a bit of tranquility.

Nigeria has many natural beauties that can be admired, but by far one of its most impressive features is its waterfalls. Check out some of the most beautiful ones and get ready for an unforgettable trip to Nigeria. The first one is Matsirga Waterfalls which was born from a spring in Kagoro hills and makes its way through the rocky hills. It goes down from about 25m and it forms a giant pool at the bottom; it is situated in a gorgeous area, with luxuriant vegetation, fresh vegetation and a chilly breeze and will definitely help tourists appreciate their time spent there.

Secondly, the FarinRuwa waterfall is just as beautiful as the first one. It was discovered in the 1950s and since then, it managed to attract hundreds of visitors. This unique cascade could easily compete with the famous Niagara Falls or the Victoria Falls in Zambia. Its spectacular beauty just takes your breath away. It is incredible how nature can do such wonderful things. The water falls from 150 m high and the effect is truly unique.

On third place we have the Gurara Falls formed from the river with the same name. It is situated at the border between Minna and Suleja and it’s extremely beautiful, especially during the rainy season. It basically consists of two separate streams of falls that are in sink when it rains. It is a wonderful place, and also a great venue for bird-watching fans.

Finally, the Awhum waterfall is our last option. These falls were formed as a result of a huge granite outcrop that allowed the water to form a stream. It is 30 m high and it is found in the proximity of the Awhum monastery. What is more, the water here is warm during certain periods of the year and it is believed to have curative and healing powers.